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Delphin France

Laurence Ducatez - Sales Director - Digital Strategy Mission

“An enriching and friendly collaboration. Discussions on the digital tactics specific to our businesses were fruitful. Practical and concrete tips to put in place quickly, on which we are autonomous. Jérôme always has a lot of good ideas. "

Secrets de miel

Laura Mignière - Network leader - Secrets de Miel coaching program

Our various exchanges have enabled me to:

- Love me as I am with my qualities and my qualities :)!

Indeed, some faults have become qualities!

I just learned to soften certain traits of my personality ... as well as my over-energy and energy which can be scary at times!

- Reassure me about my personality and the fact that it is important to be yourself, to remain honest and sincere.

- Jérôme gave me or rather strengthened my self-confidence for this new stage as a Leader.

- Listen more to others in order to reformulate their problems and make sure I fully understand the expectations, wishes and requests of my interlocutors.

- Jérôme also gave me many simple, accessible and effective tools!

- He taught me to be more professional in my management.

- He confirmed me in the methodology to put in place.

- He responded to issues in a very pragmatic way.

- He made me grow up and confirmed that I was on the right track!

- He took all the pressure off .... he desecrated this step that is Team Management! "

Logo de Oika Oika

Dorothée SIBILIA, Animation and Training Manager OIKA OIKA:

"I wanted to tell you that I had had some feedback regarding your intervention and that they were all excellent.
Your professionalism accompanied by your clarity and your simplicity has reached a lot of salespeople. "

Logo de Dermance


“It's been a real pleasure to work with Jerôme. He is the kind of person who makes you progress in your work without you even notice it. His approach is always gentle, no matter how hard the situation is. Besides, Jerôme is the kind of person you like working with: always smiling, always positive, never pissed of. Any company would be glad to have Jerôme in its team. "

Logo Vorwerk


“A great openness to themes on which we neither have the expertise nor taken the time to work.
A great fit with the team. An added value that comes mainly from verbal exchanges. "

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