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Direct Selling: noun, fem. Refers to a sale characterized by the effective physical presence of a consumer and a seller outside a store.


The Seller provides the consumer with a product presentation and explanation service, he explains the commercial offer, he draws up the order form dated and signed by the consumer.

Direct Selling, 3rd way of distribution

Direct Selling is the third channel for distribution alongside in-store sales and mail order and distance selling. It is very present in our economy, but its definition justifies clarification: for there to be Direct Selling, it is necessary to bring together a seller and a buyer outside a place intended for marketing. This is the process

personalized, the possibility of demonstration in real situation and the service offered by a competent salesman which make the success of this mode of distribution.

The presentation of the product by the seller is a service prior to the consumer's purchase decision which is justified by the technical nature of the product or its innovative character. In the context of Direct Selling, the seller generally works near his home. His job can be full-time, part-time or simply provide additional income obtained in parallel with a main activity. Thus, according to his choice, the seller can move from an auxiliary resource to a main income according to the time spent.


Digital on all levels!

Direct Selling is a service activity that gradually integrates information and communication technologies. Distributors, often independent, of Direct Selling networks have understood that social networks are the virtual counterpart of word of mouth which takes place in real life. Brands must therefore integrate emailing campaigns, presence on social networks and train and engage salespeople on these tools.


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Direct Selling in figures

In 2016, the direct selling industry represents a 4.28 turnover of billions of €, 671,920 people work in the sector plus 63,000 indirect jobs in support functions, research and development, production and subcontracting.


In France in 2016, Direct Selling created 31,705 jobs.


The Gastronomy and Culinary Universe sector has recorded significant growth, as it went from 17% in 2014 to 32% in 2016. In 2016, there was an increase in turnover in the textile and accessories sector fashion.

The well-being and household maintenance sectors remain stable like that of cosmetics.

Through the service they provide to their customers, home improvement companies are replacing local craftsmen . The distribution of sales in other sectors remained roughly stable between 2012 and 2016.


Breakdown of 2016 turnover of Direct Selling companies

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Booming Direct Selling is recruiting thousands of part-time and full-time salespeople

Between 2010 and 2015, the Direct Selling profession created 103,000 new jobs with the support of the Ministry in charge of employment and Pôle Emploi. The sector is proving its legitimacy and vitality in an economic context where flexibility and part-time or selected work seem to be one of the appropriate responses to unemployment.

Among the 671,920 sellers of FVD member companies:

  • 40% exercise their profession full-time, possibly with supervisory functions

  • 30% performing this activity as an income supplement

  • 30% are in multi-activity

These figures show that Direct Selling knows how to offer timeshare and local employment as a source of additional income. Direct Selling is an opportunity for thousands of people to find a first job or to retrain. Thus everyone benefits from a new professional competence thanks to a training
sales jobs. It is a positive alternative which makes it possible to work outside traditional structures ,
to take charge and benefit from income proportional to the time and effort

In Europe, Direct Selling is 14.9 million sellers with a turnover of 33 billion Euros.



In the world, Direct Selling consists in 107 million sellers with a turnover of 183 billion euros.

Direct Selling in the world


La Vente Directe dans le monde - Vente Directe Développement

France is the 9th largest Direct Selling market in the world.

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Source: FVD and WFDSA

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