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French DSA 2023 Congress Review: Key Moments and Opportunities for Direct Selling

We were there as an Approved Service Provider for the French Direct Selling Association (FVD)

The FVD 2023 Congress in Opio was an unmissable event for all those involved in Direct Selling. If you weren't able to attend or if you want to share your opinion, this article summarizes the highlights of this event. We also invite you to share your impressions with us!

FVD ambitions in terms of communication for Direct Selling

During the Congress, Damien Failliot, FVD communication manager, presented an ambitious roadmap aimed at strengthening communication with public authorities and the media. This mobilization offers many opportunities for direct selling companies. If you are a member or partner of the Fédération de la Vente Directe, stay tuned for the next concrete announcements. We will all have a role to play!

For companies that are not yet members, find out more at

The 1st Congress of the new General Delegate

Frédéric Billon took advantage of the 1st Congress in his new role as General Delegate of the Fédération de la Vente Directe. Our Direct Selling Consulting Firm, FVD Approved Partner is delighted with the arrival of Frédéric. I personally started collaborating with Frédéric on many subjects with pleasure and efficiency! There is no doubt that the sector will be well supported thanks to him and his team.

Expert breakfasts focused on direct sales

1. Social Networks and Legal : Transparency and Best Practices

Experts Philippe Dailey, Arnaud Moquin, Montaine Guesdon Vennerie and Yann Bédard discussed how independent contractors present themselves on social networks, with an emphasis on the new rules on commercial transparency. They also explored how Direct Selling companies can enforce the rules in their network. The discussions focused in particular on the Code of Ethics for Direct Selling, the French legal texts governing commercial transparency and the specific rules of social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

In concrete terms: your Distributors must announce a paid partnership when they publish on your brand.

For the latest guides and best practices on this subject, contact us.

Social media rules are changing and VDIs must announce a paid partnership
Influencer or Direct Seller? It's the same under the law.

2. Business Organization: Optimization of Operations and Defense of Margins

Speakers Nathalie Coppola, Patrick Giraud and Julie Galophe shared their expertise on operations streamlining and the defense of margins in the context of direct selling. They covered topics such as outsourcing logistics, training salespeople to deal with price inflation, as well as measuring true margin and tracking profitability KPIs. These actionable tips can help direct selling companies maintain or even increase EBITDA.

3. Financing in Direct Selling: Opportunities and Solutions

Experts Celso Sanchez, Antoine Pannetier and Henri Dagron highlighted the importance of consumer credit in direct selling, especially for companies specializing in home improvement or construction, but not only.

Their point about the Direct Selling Business Strategy: 10 million French households use credit in one form or another. If you don't offer a payment plan, you cut yourself off from this market!

Top 3 of French houshold projects for 2023* :

1 Travel for 37% (average budget: €2,687)

2 Housing renovation for 34% (average budget: €8,948)

3 “Staying at home/decoration” for 28% (average budget: €2,488)

Payment solutions used by the French in 2023:

- 3 or 4 times without credit card fees: 28%

- Consumer credit: 23%

In France 7 out of 10 customers say they are ready to change brands to benefit from a payment solution in installments or deferred.**

The benefits associated with payment facilities, according to these experts are:

• Better sales transformation

• A higher average basket

• Margin Protection

• Securing receipts

• Support provided by the Financial Partner

Conclusion: the new forms of credit and payment in instalments are a sales lever for Direct Selling in 2023 and an indisputable source of profitability.

Atmosphere and Perspectives of the members of the French DSA

Despite a difficult 2022 for the sector (-5% on average), the 2023 French DSA Congress was imbued with positive energy and a spirit of development. The discussions focused on key topics, such as attracting the younger generation, transforming the shopping experience into omni-channel, new sales and sponsorship methods, as well as the importance of social networks and digital.

As Direct Selling Consultants in France, we have heard many companies say they are "still looking for true North". Useful discussions began at the Congress and have continued ever since. We are specialists in change management , and always offer a free quick audit.

What now?

The FVD 2023 Congress was a major event for the members and service providers of the French DSA. Discussions around communication, good practices on social networks, business organization and payment opportunities offered valuable information to participants. If you would like to know more about these subjects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your opinion and feedback on the FVD 2023 Congress are also welcome!


*Sources: Cahier conso CREDOC nov 22/Study CSA oct 22

**Source: Kandar Institute

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