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Direct Selling Systems

A good Direct Sales strategy is like a giant Lego, with several bricks!

One book particularly inspired us in our approach to strategy consulting for Direct Selling executives.

It is illusory to detail them all in this article, but I hope it will give you food for thought.

What are the 8 systems?

  1. Customer acquisition system: Interestingly, Brett Blake starts with this system. I am in favour of this approach. After all, your products or services must be irresistible! Then, you attract prospects, who become customers, or distributors (or hostess in parties, or affiliate customers if you have an intelligent omnichannel system).

  2. Recruit customers as new distributors: and therefore, not just "recruit salespeople". I am often asked "where can I find Distributors ?". If you are still asking yourself the question in this form, let's talk about it because other approaches give better results.

  3. Start-up system for new distributors: Have you thought about including sponsorship criteria in your starter challenge?

  4. Distributor evolution system - or ROI ranking system: I have set up many similar initiatives, such as the Silver Club 1 at Stampin'Up! or the Team Elite Development at Auriège. Identifying, creating a community, generating enthusiasm, setting strong ambitions, sharing successes were the ingredients of these systems. Networks that weren't recruiting took off!

  5. System of Convention attendance: or other events, face-to-face or virtual. The post-covid challenge!!

  6. Communication system: or how to keep control between Instagram, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Groups, Twitter, etc.

  7. Leadership Development and Training System: Brett Blake emphasizes leadership. The increase in competence of the entire network is an illusion.

  8. Recognition system: I would have started with that one. The author saves the best for last!

The author completes his list of 8 systems with two chapters on how to launch and manage these systems.

How to use this approach as a corporate leader?

Here are two questions whose answers can put you into action:

In your Direct Selling company, do you have processes for each of the 8 systems? Are they monitored and known by everyone (at headquarters and in the field)?

What systems are your strength today? Where are your weaknesses?

Contact us, for a quick audit of your performance with Direct Selling systems.

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