Vente Directe Développement

is a team of employees and expert partners


Cecile Emery
Sophie juvenon

Audrey Julienne

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

- Digital strategy
- Community management (customers and / or sales network)

- Employer brand
- Recruitment of salespeople

Digital is on the move, our experts are ultra-specialists that follow trends and technologies
to support your actions.

- Generation of customer leads

- Facebook-Instagram and Google Ads ad campaigns

o Commitment of the sales network
o Notoriety
o Reputation

o Lead generation to recruit
o Optimization of the conversion rate


Our coaches and trainers combine business expertise and technical qualification.
Your network and your leaders are in good hands within our people, caring and demanding at the same time.


Nadia maloisel

- Sales coaching
- Coaching for leaders
- Face-to-face training

- Training through games
- Webinar training
- Organization and HR consulting

Our team's certifications:
DISC® (behavioral style), WPMOT® (motivations) , EQ (emotional intelligence),

STRESS, 360 ° (evaluation and self-evaluation),
NEWS ™ coaching & training certification.

To discuss with our experts!


Marketing is more than sales support, it is the foundation for future successful development.
Your network deserves the best marketing mix.

Juliette Perrin

Celine Martin

- Marketing strategy
- Product marketing
- Market studies
- Graphics
- Creation of sales supports


- Website creation
- Web referencing (SEO)
- Customer newsletters
- Distributor network newsletter

Why not think about

marketing ahead  ?


Boost your sales and network size, in France and globally. Beging changes in business practices that make a difference. Get the support from a Direct Selling CEO who has been in your shoes. 

Jerome Freytag

- Change management
- Interim management
- Coaching of leaders
- Compensation plans
- Animation plans
- Marketing plans
- Marketing of the opportunity
- Validation / drafting of business plans


- Assistance in fundraising

- Feasibility study

- Audits

- Omnichannel strategy

- Logistics and shipping policy

- Legal and accounting support

- International Development

- Selection and integration of software solutions

To discuss with our experts!