Partenaire agréé de la Fédération de la Vente Directe


Range of services

Internation Companies

launching in Europe

Market study and research –Benchmarking –Project management – Product and

career plan adaptations – Head-hunting – Legal advice –Recruiting launch plan –PR – Social media


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Existing Direct Selling companies

Sector studies - Benchmarking - Transition management - Team building - Project management - Product launches - Distributor program launches - Career plan optimization - Compensation plan changes - Redesign of the training plan - Coaching of executives - Coaching of  distributor leaders


client de Vente Directe Développement
Oika Oika client cabinet de conseil

Existing companies
launching into Direct Selling

Multi-Channel Strategy - Logistics - IT - Com-PR-Social Networks - Business Plan Review - Funding Strategies - Launch Matrix - Recruitment Launch Plan - Training Plan



Direct Selling Start-Ups

in the launch phase

Launch Matrix - Recruitment launch plan
- Com / PR / Social Media plan - Legal package - Compensation plan
- "Marketing of the Opportunity" - Training plan