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Certified French DSA partner


Why consult with us?


Vente Directe Développement is a strategy and sales strategy consulting firm.  One the market, only Vente Directe Développement has expertise to support you in all aspects of  your business: from start-up to network growth (recruiting, training, coaching of leaders), including  funding. Our experience in sales, building Direct Selling networks and General Management gives us  the versatility which you really need, supported if needed by our experts in marketing,  communication, social media and training.

We offer two types of advisory missions:

Short-term advisory

Help our clients to save time, make the right decisions and avoid mistakes. This is highly valued by  companies starting up
their network or by large corporations launching important projects.

Contact us to evaluate you needs in short-term advisory

Long-term assignments

Enable our clients to find the operational business support they need, be it transition management, 

back-up of a team and change management.

Contact us to evaluate you needs in long-term assignments


-  MBA graduate from ESCP Europe in 2004


-  18 years of experience in Direct Selling

-  party plan

-  Multi-Level Marketing

-  Door-to-door and other face-to-face sales

-  Unrivaled experience from the field to multi-million

general business management

-  Several networks launched from scratch

-  4 years of experience in Consulting


Founder and Managing Director

Development Direct Sales

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